technical stuff about 1990s Ducatis

Ducati Buyer's FAQ
Tune up FAQ
Specialty tools
Track day prep info
Bore & Stroke calculator

2V info on the two valvers
- Dyna coils kit
- cam degreeing
- Ducati Monster exhaust sounds

4V about the desmoquattro

For 2V and 4V bikes:
- Desmo Valve Info
- Valve adjustment
- Left handlebar switch
- Chain Care
- Wheel Change
- Broken Cyl Stud repair
- Check crankshaft runout

What about the ST2 and 4? The information above will be useful in a mechanical sense. For some great ST specific info, go to Richard's Ducati ST2 pages.

Special content:
image sitemap
tmp directory

My main goal with my ducatitech website is to help people learn about their Ducati by sharing my experiences pertaining to maintence and what I have learned about many different aftermarket parts.

I started the pages on this website in 1995 because I realized from the beginning there is not a lot of helpful info available about Ducati motorcycles, neither on the Net nor at dealers. This site started life as a single page eight years ago containing only 2 pictures of my 900SS that I was *so* proud of! That was when you could go to yahoo and add entries... I created the Ducati motorcycles section and then added my first Ducati-related page on the net to a search engine.

After 2 or 3 years of describing mods to my own Ducati, I started getting requests to sell people the parts I was talking about and then shipping the parts to them. I never imagined Ducatitech and CA Cycleworks would grow to become what they are now!

Here's a video / blog update from end of 2022... the Ducati guy you knew as Chris Kelley (and who has blathered online in forums since 1998) is now your Ducati gal Krista. Yeah, that happened. I blab about it in that video.

Thank you! to those who've emailed! It's nice to hear that there are so many of us who appreciate Ducati motorcycles.

The Aprilia RS250s have been sold

Sorry that nothing has changed on in a long while -- all of my web development work has been thrown into Ca Cycleworks over the decade following the practical abandonment of this site. We implemented a Content Management System (CMS) there and have been making iterative updates to the code which runs the back-end, internal processes. (that was cute) Then the business moved in 2009 to 33rd Street in San Diego and then abandoned the CMS I wrote to switch to Magento. Then around 2015, that Chris guy about had a breakdown and made a "Georgia or bust" kind of move. We couldn't find anyone to make our fuel tanks, so we bought a rotational molding machine and spent 2016 getting that going. The real "bust" happened in 2018 and the business reorganized as CA Cycleworks, LLC under new stewardship by family member Ann. COVID would have killed us in 2020 but the PPE loans literally saved us. Then Chris transitioned in 2021 and became Krista.

Be sure to check out the voodoo tmp directory as well as the sitemap navigation links I provide to the right. You never know what you'll find in the tmp directory! And the sitemap (or image sitemap) may help you find that webpage or image you thought you saw here in the past.
- Chris Kelley


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