Checking Runout

Whenever an alternator cover is removed on a Ducati, it's a great time to check the crankshaft runout. This task is relatively easy to perform once the cover is removed. Tools required are mag base with dial indicator and a metal plate to mount it to. The "metal plate" I normally use is a cheap "drill press vice" from Harbor Freight. Note that I bolt it to the engine with a M6 screw and a couple washers. The "plate" is also resting on the rear sprocket. Now play with the dial indicator to get the tip of the indicator onto the smooth part at the end of the crank. Then very carefully turn the crankshaft and watch the gauge. Little effort on the turning tool can show .002"~.004" of deflection. Ideally, the crank will rotate and you will see .001" or less of run out. Always perform this check before and after replacing the flywheel, as on the pre 1998 bikes, the washer behind the flywheel is prone to offset.