What's in the garage?

This wonderful bike came to live with us as the result of a bad weekend. Ducati really got it right with the 2000 Monster 900ie. Do not ride one unless you're ready to buy!!! Click the pic for more words. Monstah!

finally home What's this? MHe #21 finally made it home! Click the image to read initial impressions and ride report.

Salvaged and neglected, but about to bring me Monstrous fun!! Pongo!

Dirt Fun, squared These are our new DRZ400Ss. They're both 2002 models. We would have bought used ones to save $, but the `02 models have the formerly dirt only cartridge forks and good shock. Hmmmm. So we went for the big bucks and went to Alba Action in Poway where an old friend and fellow WSMC roadracer works. Chris got us a great deal and wow, I can't believe we've got these things! The DRZ has great power and a revvy motor. We put on bash plates, hand guards, smaller front sprockets and went out for fun. Zina's DRZ also got some Kouba DRZ3 links to lower the rear of the bike. We also slid the fork tubes up in the clamps and Z cut a lot of foam out of the seat.

We've picked up racing and let a bunch of frineds influence us and we got an Aprilia RS250 Challenge bike. Then another! Click the image to read on... zing zing zing ring-a-ding

Some Previous Rides

nine one sex My EX nine one six. I talk about it enough on my 4V info pages on my Ducati site, so the pic simply links to a larger pic. I kind of think Superbikes are generic due to their numbers, but they are VERY sexy. There is no denying that the 916 is the landmark motorcycle of style and speed. (different pic)

My first Ducati, the black `92 900SS. This is the bike responsible for entering down the road of ca-cycleworks.com and my incredible journey of things Ducati. This bike enabled meeting Zina, going to the track, and ultimately, getting my 916! Click the image for a small series of pics. This bike's current home is with a cretin in Seattle. Notcho average 900

The ex-Zee machine The former Z ride! Zina got this `95 CR new and loved it - her first Ducati. But she loves her Monster even more and after the battery died due to neglecting to ride the SS, we decided to sell it. Click the pic for a review of mods and a bigger pic.

I guess I'm in love with most any bike. I had always wanted an EX500 when I was a mechanic. Click on the pic to read about this one I polished up and made new. EconoCommuter

Super Chicken I am amazed that these bikes don't get more press! The VTR was the steady Eddy in our garage. The Chicken is sold now. Click on the pic to go to my VTR page and read about my impressions.

Zina hates driving. So much that she decided she didn't want to drive her new Jeep in the rain. She wanted to ride, but didn't want to have to clean the SuperChicken or her Ducati. So, she thinks to find a small enduro. We couldn't find any used ones for cheap, so here's a Y2K DR200. Pretty fun to tack out 3 gears to go 30 mph. Read Zina's words about the little doctor. Zina's car

Dirt Blaster This was my `99 DR350. I got it because Z had so much fun driving over curbs that she wanted me to get one so we could go out dirt riding. This picture was taken before going out. Surprisingly, this one had never seen off road service in its 3000 miles, and being a year old make for an almost $2000 discount! Dirt riding is an absolute blast... we like to crawl around and explore trails. The dr350 is a great bike to learn trail riding on and find out how serious you are about getting dirty. If you do like dirt riding a lot, after a year or so, your skill will improve enough that you will be able to enjoy a KTM or a DRZ. =)

Other Rides

This is the aggro machinist's ride. Well, one of them anyway. It's a `95 with lots of work done ot everything but the motor. Like the `93, it's for sale. Click for pics and words. Aggro too much $ machinist's bike

Sweet 93 This is an SS that sat unloved for a while. Then we came along and did a ground up restoration. She's a beauty and for sale. Click the image for bike details.