Gopp 93 900SS

1993 900SS

My aggro machinist knew a guy with this 900 in his garage. It suffered from the broken cylinder stud syndrome well known to afflict 1994 and older 900 motors in SSs and Monsters. It sat a long time. Some arrangement was made and next thing you know, I've got the motor on my bench for a quickie top end rebuild to fix the stud situation. It got the FbF heavy duty cylinder studs and we threw in some 11:1 hi compression pistons while we were in there. The bike has pretty low miles (I forget the actual number), so we just cleaned things up and lapped the valves and assembled using new gaskets.

While we had the bike apart, we had the wheels and frame sent off for some black powder coating, which turned out really well. On went the supermono bodywork (recently painted with Supersport graphics) from the `95. We also tended to a lot of other details with new parts: brembo gold 916 brake and clutch master cylinders; kevlar lines for clutch and front and rear brakes; full floating cast iron brembo rotors; Borla slip-on exhausts; Pilot Sport tires. I'm sure there's more that we've done. This bike was basically built up with everything cleaned, renewed, or replaced to be a wonderful specimen.

If a buyer is interested in the bike, but wants normal bodywork or other wheels, anthing could be arranged.

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