Black 900SS

I got my 900SS Labor Day weekend of 1994. She was all stock except for the missing Desmo stickers due to original owner tip-overs. The paint was in awesome shape, which I maintained to the day I traded her for the VTR 1000. Shown in this picture is the very first modification I performed, the Supertrapp pipes. For a description of mods and my opinions, be sure to look on my Ducati 2V website.

Pictured here are my Two Brother's Racing pipes. I originally got the high mount system and later bought the low mount "S" pipes so I could carry passengers. At this stage, the 900 has high compression pistons and FCR41 carbs. The suspension has also been fully Race Tech'd (by me).

Now we enter involvement with track days and Zina, too! =) Shortly after this picture, I tried ot the Fox shock.

The end of college years. This is under the shelter raised behind a studio. As is normal for studio living, everything is tight and close together.

The last pic of my 900SS before leaving our family. Polished wheels, the Penske shock has come and gone. Check out the Ferodo Brake tech rotors that now grace Zina's CR. And the bar end mirrors, too.

And my 900SS and the wonderful memories of her fade into the sunset. I strived to keep my 900 stunning and simple. Mods were made in good taste with the intent to keep the bike looking very original.