Light n Fast Gopp 95 900SS

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Looks normal here This is your average, garden variety 900SS with waaay too much money spent on it. You'll first notice the Airtech Supermono bodywork and anti draft tail section painted delicisiously. He says it's "For Sale" ... but there's a few $$ worth of mods in it. The Supermono bodywork is currently gracing his `93 900SS so the `95 will get a set of factory or sharkskinz.
The front is a little strange. Airtech has it stick out a little more than stock then puts in this cutout thing for the stock headlight. It takes some getting used to, but looks OK when there's a number plate painted around it. What's this?
Zooomy The tail section is pretty cool even though it totally eliminates underseat access. McGyver types could possibly come up with a latch mechanism and somehow attach the underside of the tail section to the frame. Won't be trivial.
The parting shot. This bike has Ti axles and bolts, Mag wheels, Nichols motor mount bolts, breather, and flywheel, Borla cans, Ferodo cast iron brakes, Nology wires and coils, and Keihin FCR41 dual kit. Front forks by LE and a Penske custom piggyback rear shock. It makes 82hp and weighs 360 pounds. The theme is pretty simple: bolt on light parts and limit involvement in the motor to the bare essentials. Turns heads

Potential buyers may substitute expensive components for lesser priced ones to save on purchase price.