Monster Pipes!!
To download, right click on the links and use "save target as" to save these MP3 files to your computer:
(Arranged from quietest to loudest)
- m900_stock.mp3 333k
- staintune.mp3 343k
- scorpion.mp3 404k
- open.mp3 79k

Now that these are all in your computer, use Winamp or Music Match Jukebox ... load all 4 files in the order above and then play them back to back and flip between them quickly and you will get a feel for the different tonal qualities.


  • One thing not apparent in the audio samples is relative loudness of the different mufflers. The stock pipes are approx 1/2 as loud as Staintunes (w/ restrictors) which are then about 1/2 as "loud" as the Scorpions, which are then about 1/5 as loud as the open pipes.

  • On all pipe recordings, Zina started with microphone approximately 20 feet to the rear of her 200 M900ie and walked until approx 6 feet from rear of Monster.

  • The "open" recording is very short. She did not walk forward for this. It was simply too loud to continue being an a-hole. Note the redneck chuckling in the background...

  • Zina saved all 4 samples to an MP3 file via Soundblaster "recorder" then I used Gold Wave (registered) to select, cut and paste the desired clips into their files.

  • The ONLY post processing done to the files was the "noise reduction" filter, which helped tone out the dry clutch a little.

  • I feel that the MP3 files are a good representation. Note how with the stock mufflers, you really hear the engine and dry clutch. With the Staintunes, you hear the "raspiness" that I compare to "Hotrod V8 glasspacks". And the Scorpions have that straight through perf core sound.

    Credit: Zina made the recording to cassette deck then captured via "line in" on her peecee and saved to MP3 format for me.

    See a short video clip of me racing!!
    To download, right click on the link and use "save target as" to save this 3.4Meg file to your computer. 667_0416.avi

    In order to view this, you'll need the latest and greatest DivX Codec...
    - Go to the DivX Digest and download the Version 3.11 Alpha.
    - Save divx_311alpha.exe to disk and run it.
    - Also, look for the "Run me first!" program and run it after the install.

    Now you should be able to watch the video with Windows Media Player or Real Player, etc. This is the R1 guy that got by me in my first "Open Superstock" race that I subsequently couldn't get around. This clip shows me really squaring off the entrance into 6 to get the best drive I can but to no avail...

    Credit: Many thanks to Anders andersb@mediaone.net for sending this to Zina and I.