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As you read on the track day page, Zina and I really enjoy getting onto race courses to hone our skills and work our Ducatis. Helping us make the decision to go racing "for real" was our favorite open track day sessions going up to $175. Add to this that the track days typically require a day off from work, and we're talking serious $$.

Zina and I joined the Willow Springs Motorcycle Club (WSMC or wsmc). (WSMC website)

Even though we know a few people that race and I've hung out at race oriented shops and what-not, my direct knowledge about racing was a touch limited. Oh, and don't forget that we've been doing track days for a couple of years, too. We've got some of the logistics down... stuff like don't forget your leathers, gloves, boots, water, chairs, etc.

While I'm about to ramble on about racing, first let me link you to Zina's racer page. Yup, she got out on the track, too! She's wsmc #666 and I'm #667. How'd we get our numbers? Well, before race prepping the bikes, I visited the wsmc website, which included a roster of all the riders and their numbers. Then I called the wsmc office and asked for our numbers. I gave them our info and promised to send them the proper forms and $540 right away. I downloaded the release paperwork, etc, we filled them out and sent it in. The first weekend's fees boil down as follows: wsmc yearly membership: $110; New racer's school: $100; Sunday racing: $60. Subsequent race weekends will cost as follows: $60 Saturday practice; $60 1st race on Sunday and $40 each additional race. This page is a general page, with write ups about individual track weekends to the right.


  • WSMC website again, has directions, members, schedule. Everything you need to know.
  • The wsmc rulebook (this is a huge page...) tells you the basics. Safety wire your bike, what classes there are, what fees are, how to protest, etc. It's pretty good.
  • Another useful link ... http://www.io.com/~duke/newrrfaq.htm. This is Duke Robillard's new racers' FAQ.
  • The North American Motorsports page has links to all the tracks. Its up to you to find a track near you - then a motorcycle club that sanctions racing there.
  • Roadracing World magazine. There are listings (and coverage) of events and motorcycle racing clubs all over the US. Of course, there's AMA and WSB and bike revews, etc. If you're into motorcycle road racing, this needs to be in your mailbox. Period.

Getting there...
It's the pits Anyhow, you've got to get your bike and bodies to the track. Read the track day page to get an idea of the logistics and goodies to bring. Note that wsmc rules require a ABC fire extinguisher to be visible in your pit at all times. We use a 2000 Ford Econoline equipped to make any dominatrix quiver in delight and envy. We've got tie downs, pop chocks, LA Wheel chocks, tie down points, soft ties, all that crap. As a foundation for all this, I bolted down a 1/4" thick piece of plate steel. Then drilled and tapped it to mount everything to. The plate bolts where the seats went and I don't have to crawl around on the groud or drill holes in the new van. Plus, the interior makes for great sound and temperature insulation.

As far as bike prep, if you're curious about interpretations of the rule book, ask other racers/preppers of the same bike model or type and call up the sanctioning body.

One goal I had in 2001 was to get down to or below the 1:30:00 mark on my 916 but I stopped racing it after May. I did get down to 1:31, though. Another goal of mine was to graduate out of novice in time to run the GT series... they are afternoon races of 20 laps each. This I did, no problem and I greatly enjoyed the Solo Series, too! 3 classes run concurrently in Solo Series; heavyweight (651-open); middleweight (501-650); and lightweight (0-500). It is probably unreasonable to make winning a race a true goal, though for 2002, if a few select groups of people elect not to race, it could happen. Of course, I am competitive and will always try to pass the person in front of me; I am humble enough to know that there is always someone out there faster than me or richer than me. A persistent goal of mine is to improve my skills and lap times - by critiquing where I'm slow (other racers help me out on this one) and working on that section. The biggest goal is to have a great time enjoying high performance riding of my motorcycle.

If you've got questions about race prepping a 900SS, 748/916/996, or Aprilia RS250 send me an e-mail. One hint: buy the $97 Ryobi drill press at Home Depot and a cheap-o small machinist's vice from Harbor Freight.

2001 Results:
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WSMC Class Championships
- Aprilia ch.: 3rd
- 550 sbk: 11th

Dec 2001
- 550 sbk: 9th

Nov 2001
- Aprilia ch.: 3rd
- 550 sbk: 10th
- 660 sgls: 5th

Oct 2001
- Aprilia ch.: 3rd
- 550 sbk: 8th

Sept 2001
- Solo GT Lights: 5th
- Aprilia ch.: 3rd
- 550 sbk: dns

August 2001
- Solo GT Lights: 5th
- Aprilia ch.: 2nd
- 550 sbk: 9th

July 2001
- Solo GT Lights: 4th
- Aprilia ch.: 4th
- 550 sbk: 7th

June 2001
- Solo GT Lights: dnf
- Aprilia ch.: 4th
- 550 sbk: dns

May 2001
- Solo GTO: 9th
- Aprilia ch.: 5th
- open mod prod: dnf
- bott heavy: dns
- open super stock: dns

Apr 2001
- open mod prod: 6th
- bott heavy: 6th
- open super stock: 5th
- video!!

Mar 2001
- hw novice: 11th

Feb 2001
- hw novice: 6th

Jan 2001
- hw novice: 9th

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2 18 2002
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