Honda CT 70

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This 1972 or 1973 CT 70 came into the family when I sold my Dodge truck to its former owner. He was trying to talk me down so I finally agreed to his price if I got the CT. It has a clutch and gear change - it is not an automatic. It doesn't run yet... but should with only a little work. The bike is titled in CA and under PNO registration status. I removed the gas tank to flush it and replace the fuel lines. Then I rebuilt the carburetor. I also replaced a bunch of rounded off phillips screws with allen bolts. I was going to make this a pit bike, so off went the tail light and headlight. I've also got the front crash bars or whatever they're called and the exhaust heat shield, too.

Missing parts are the turn signals (if it had them), handlebar switchgear, and 6V battery. It has pretty good compression and could use new oil before being fired up. It's ready for someone (maybe even me) to install custom ignition and headlight toggle switches. I did hook up some stuff and confirmed that there was spark. There's some JB Weld on the right engine cover, too. The bike is located in San Diego; can deliver to LA or Willow Springs on WSMC weekends.

Give this CT a new, loving, and caring home for only $500.
e-mail Chris to buy or for more info.