916 Bad Rockers

1996 Ducati 916, 10855 miles

Upon discovery of the wear on these rocker arms, I brought them into GP Motorcycles for their warranty person (Mike) to inspect. We talked about my options and I decided to send all eight rocker arms to Megacycle cams for hardface treatment. Retail cost is $78 each, or a total of $624, or less than the cost for 3 rockers. I made my decision to send the rockers to Megacycle for a few reasons:

1) speed: they have 1 week turnaround,
2) cost: all eight rockers can be renewed for less than the cost of three new ones from Ducati, and
3) reliability: there is a chance that the replacement rockers from Ducati could also fail (the remaining rockers will surely fail).

All closing rocker arms are without marks.

Rear cylinder - exhaust, right

This is the worst of the rockers. The wearing is approximately .020" and the chrome facing has cracked and flaked.



Rear cylinder - exhaust, left

The cam lobe has worn through the chrome face from the top. Notice the distinct line where the chrome face is gone.


Rear cylinder - intake, right

Here, the chrome plating cracked and flaked off at the edge of the cam lobe contact area.




Rear cylinder - intake, left

Along the dark line, there is a groove in the face.




Front cylinder - intake, left

There is noticeable wear in the corner where the chrome face cracked and flaked away.




The remaining opening rocker arms

While these three arms, front intake right, front exhaust left, and front exhaust right, have visible wear patterns, the chrome is still intact and there are no grooves that can be felt.