Well, I actually can't afford my baby right now. School isn't cheap, and neither is food. I've spent a good bit of money and love on my motorcycle, and I refuse to drive without full coverage insurance. Upon the sale of my cherry 900SS, I plan to get a salvaged/raced 888 or 851 and work at making her the perfect bike that my 900SS is. I'm looking forward to relocating my bike to a good home but will certainly miss the awesomely deep black paint and the killer torque. I got to ride a 748 the other day, and while impressive, its midrange felt a bit lacking. Anyway, please mail me if you're interested in some kind of deal or want to see some of the receipts. I'll call anyone and would entertain delivery in the southwest. Thanks,

Price reduced to $7900.

The ad.

(as appearing in CycleNews and Roadracing World)
1992 DUCATI 900SS: Unusual factory charcoal color, mechanic owned. 80 hp, 61 ft-lbs of torque. Over $4k invested, for detailed information and great pictures, look online at http://kahuna.sdsu.edu/~kelleyc/pics.html Modifications include FBF pistons, FCR 41s, Race Tech, plus much more. Asking around $8500. Will trade for mid 80s Boxer plus $6k. Call (619)464-4286 or (619)286-9414, eves.

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