The following is why I'm going to stop trying to sell my bike after my ads are up:

Why selling bikes sux.

A short essay by me.

So, this guy calls me up at 9am Sunday morning. I almost answered the phone "This had better be good!" Then when I heard that it was a potential buyer, I thought that it would be good. Was I ever wrong. This guy starts asking all of these detailed questions, like he's actually buying it over the phone, and he lives 10 miles away! So we talk for an hour and we decide that he'll meet me at the shop where I work so he can see her and take her out for a ride. Says he'll call back in an hour.

An hour and 20 minutes later, he calls up and says that he's leary of all of the miles. I asked why, "it's only got 3000 on the top end?" And he starts going on about he's afraid of the bottom end (!) and how it's a reliability issue, and that "I'm not looking to pay that much for a bike with so many miles." He hadn't even seen her, and he's insulting my baby massively. I was so flabbergasted by his extreme ignorance, that I said that he should be looking for a Honda, and that my bike has better parts than ANY stock 900SS (the studs, alloy valve guides, etc) and WAAAY more power, and he shouldn't just make such a blanket assumption. He then said, "No, I know exactly the bike that I'm looking for."

Since this lamer already rode one with less miles that was essentially stock (pipes, jet kit) and was disappointed, he's obviously looking for someone who did everything to theirs that I did to mine, with 1000 miles and only wants $6000 for it.

This clown has posed the best argument to me yet NOT to sell my bike. I've got 2 more weeks in the local Cycle Trader (San Diego), and I'm not going to try to sell my baby anymore. I've decided that keeping my bike is worth whatever financial sacrifice that I must make.


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